The term profession is derived from vocation, we want to live this fact too.

We would like to maintain an almost familiar atmosphere in our outpatient assistance service for senior citizens‘ living communities, which of course also includes pets, in order to give senior citizens a feeling of belonging in their new surroundings.

Therefore, a large part of our help work is a great deal of cooperation.

This also includes offers for cooking together and aqua fitness.

Meetings of all residents of the residential units with the character of a family reunion contribute with their familiar flair to spending part of their time together to make new contacts, to exchange ideas and simply to have a good time.

Shopping together, excursions and visits to the beach should also let this feeling grow.

However, we would like to offer our senior citizens the highest level of security, which is why the equipment with emergency wristbands and a 24-hour emergency call service – 7 days a week – will convey security.

In addition to the wristbands intended for emergencies, we can be reached by phone via a special number when not on site.

We hope to have met your wishes with this, but are also open to further suggestions and requests.

We will then try to incorporate this into our daily work.