Our services for you

Personal support according to your wishes

Just keep company
Game afternoons
Employment of seniors with dementia
Doctor accompaniment
Support in getting up and going to bed
Help with getting dressed and choosing clothes
Help with keeping pets and caring for plants
To go for a walk
Read out
„Remember“ – memory training
Maintain hobbies
Computer setup
Computer briefing
Review & assistance with internet, telephone and mobile phone contracts

Help in the household:

Supervision of an apartment / house when away
Garden maintenance
„Bringing back ground in the garden“
Pool service
Basic cleaning of the apartment / house
Regular cleaning of the apartment / house

Driving services and other assistance

Pick-up, delivery and escort services of all kinds
Shopping service
Menu service
Travel companion
Aqua fitness (in your own pool)

Care services:

Help with dressing and undressing
Help with putting on / taking off compression stockings
Help with washing, hair care, dental care and showering / bathing
Personal care in the event of illness and
Personal care during hospitalization
Personal care after hospitalization


Occupational therapy in your home – for you or your loved ones

Further services on request